Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More pics from the hospital!

Hey Everyone! So i know these are still pictures from the hospital, but they are just so much fun to me so i want to share them with everyone! Life has been a bit crazy lately with trying to catch up on sleep and having a million visitors and trying to figure out our new family routine and all, i just haven't had the time to get on the internet to post new things! She really has changed so much since these pictures, i feel like she doesn't even look like the same baby, so now that im able to get out of bed more easily and walk around with out help i plan on updating this thing more often!

Here is Zaylie Jaide with her daddy, he really just loves her to pieces, it really melts your heart to see him with her.

This is her favorite thing to do, cuddle up on your chest and spread her legs around your body!

This is still at the hospital... we had to stay for 4 days since i had a c-section--so it seems like we have a thousand pictures at the hospital!

Here is Zaylie folded in half--this is what she looked like in my belly, and why i had to have a c-section.


Lindsay said...

How did she fit inside of you!?!?!? She is so so sweet. I love the pictures of these boys holding their little ones. Are they the same men that love shizzle mayhem--blowing stuff up, shooting guns, and playing Halo for hours on end. What happend to them?!?! I love it. Hope you guys are still doing good. You look like it!