Monday, June 25, 2007

Super Post

So this is going to be quite the post, so much has happened that i haven't had time to sit down and share it all--plus being a mom makes it near impossible to find the time to update this thing. First things first--we said our goodbyes to the elantra. For those of you who are familiar with the piece of junk you might be wondering if it finally died--well it didn't, that thing just wouldn't leave us no matter what we did to it. So after much waiting and waiting and waiting for it to break down, we came to the realization that the piece of crap was never going to die so we searched for and purchased a Jeep Grande Cherokee and sold the elantra (within 24 hours of putting it for sale..its quite the hot item i guess)

Zaylie's Blessing

Okay next item of business, Zaylie's blessing. So up until it was time for her blessing Zaylie was really fussy and just not a happy camper, so I just knew she was going to be screaming through the entire blessing. But the second she got into everyones arms, she was silent. The Bishop afterwards got up and said that he peeked at Zaylie during the blessing and she was staring upwards with huge eyes as if she was looking at angels. Arch's entire family came to Idaho for the event, even his brother Sam was able to make it (he just returned home from his mission in Singapore). Brennen and Cassie were able to come up from AZ, Zach and Keri came over from Rexburg, (they are apart of Arch's family too, i mean what would a family gathering be with out Zach and Arch to entertain us all) and my entire family was here excpet for Jason, who is on a mission in Russia! I don't have many pictures from this event which im pretty sad about but, all in all it was a wonderful time to be together with everyone, we had a blast with bbq's, jots to walmart, family dinner/graduation party for Kaylin and being introduced to "The sons of Provo" thanks to Janna! :) Cassie and Brennen actually took way more pictures so click here to see those!

Old Roommates

Then my old roommate Pam came down from Canada to visit me and our other roommate Katie. It was so much fun to be together again and reminisce about old times, it wasn't the same with out Lindsay, but next year girls--colonial 207 reunion is in the works!

Hahn/Allred Family Reunion

Last weekend I (Shantay)had a family reunion, for the Allred side of the family, we had it up in the Pine Creek Lodge up in Swan Valley, its actually a really cool place...the lodge sits up on a hill, and then about 100 feet below they have this huge soccer field with frisby golf, an outdoor bowling lane, a fire pit, and... drum roll please--they have this 100 foot metal slide (see pictures below) if any of your limbs touch the slide as you go down you can get some serious burns, and if your foot barely touches the side as you go down, its basically all over. In fact in the picture of arch going down, he is about to eat it at that exact second- good times. Anyway, we had some good times playing cards, having campfires, Zaylie LOVES the campfire, going on hikes, and having marshmellow wars. (thats where you put a ton of marshmellows in your mouth and then blow them out of small tubes of pvc pipe--its pretty discusting if you think about it)

These are just some random pics from the reunion!