Friday, July 17, 2009

Zay's emotional roller coaster

Here are some pictures of Zaylie and her many facial expressions and emotions...and some are neither but just cute :)

She loves to help daddy with his expression

This is her cheese face

When Zaylie gets her feelings hurt or things don't go her way, she doesn't throw a fit but she stands still puts her chin down and starts pouting and sadly sniffing like the worst thing in the world has just happened to her. Its pretty funny, so here I am just trying to cheer her up by giving her a kiss.
I think this is getting ready to jump...maybe

I don't even know what this emotion is...mad? annoyed? or just a plain dirty look?

Zaylie wearing my hat

Bonked her elbow and a bit pist about it

Pouting is sometimes so hard not to laugh when she does stuff like this.

Just being crazy

And again with the dirty looks, i have like a bajillion pictures of this face...if you haven't figured it out yet, she is a bit dramatic.

This is the only picture of her where I think she sort of looks like me and not a mini Arch.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Potty Trained!

I am happy to announce my child is finally and officially potty trained. I have been putting it off for a long time, mainly because it seemed like my life would be easier if she was in diapers and the thought of potty training was just so...not appealing. We tried when she was about 20 months and she was AWESOME, but then we went to colorado for Arch's sisters wedding and all that work and training went down the pooper when we got home. So I decided to wait till we were done with the house, and done with all of our trips before I started again. So a few weeks ago we started and in about two days she got it down and it really wasn't even that bad. The only thing she still has a hard time with is going number 2. It seems to scare her a bit, so she will hold it for days until she just can't handle it anymore and then seems to have a bit of a panic attack. So I have been giving her prune juice lately to make her go more often- mwah ha ha ha- and that has been helping. I know it sounds kind of mean... but whatever works right? We don't want her getting my digestion problems so you bet I'll be making her poop. :)
And can I just vent for a little bit...I am SO bloody annoyed with everyone and their friggin dog telling me how I am potty training my child the wrong way, i need to do it like this, or like that! I feel like saying- is she freaking peeing in the toilet by herself? Yes. Am I still changing diapers? No. Okay so obviously what I am doing is working just fine for us so leave me the FREAK ALONE! Older women will just come right out and say "oh your not doing that right," or oh no, I have potty trained 7 kids and i never did that with any of my kids so you need to do it like this." Okay seriously that was 30 YEARS AGO! Is it possible that in the last 30 years there has been new and recent evidence that other methods are better than the older ways? Is it possible that in my four years of getting my Early childhood/Special Education degree where I am trained and certified to work with infants, toddlers, and preschool aged children that I would have been tought potty training methods and have done my research on the topic? I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!!! And if I am doing it wrong, is it ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS??? If I asked you for advice that would be totally different. I swear I can speak the words "potty training" and any 45+ woman in a 350 ft radius will hear those words and will come running so eager to verbally vomit their professional potty training advice all over me. Its just so aggrivating.
Ok. I feel better now.