Thursday, February 19, 2009


Okay people, I need some helps and preferrably in the next few hours, I need to decide between two families of lights for my house. Please be honest and let me know which ones you like the most, Arch and I are going tonight or tomorrow night to pick them up, so if you have 13 seconds, put in a quick vote.

This is the progress series, they have seeded glass, and are much bigger than they appear in the picture. If you want a closer look check out this quick video, and click at about 1:55. I feel that these lights look more Pottery Barn ish while the other ones look more rustic.

This would be the entry

This would be the kitchen table light

This is the Lowes lighting series

Kitchen table

This would be the entry

Friday, February 13, 2009

We are sort of still alive

Well everyone, I actually have a very rare but very needed moment of spare time while Zaylie is napping and I thought I would blog about the comings along of our new house. However as our camera chargers are stuffed away in our storage unit the only pictures of our house are on Arch's phone, but don't you worry I'm taking a camera over this after noon because.... we are getting our cabinets installed today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! Okay I know way too many exclamation points, but seriously folks this is a big deal. Things have been going so slow on the house that it seems like we are never going to move in, but now that the cabinets are going in we only have the plumbing and light fixtures left, and then we can move in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again sorry about the exclamations. Its just been a long time coming and Arch has worked so hard, he comes home from work around 6:30 or 7:00 and then changes and heads straight to the house and comes home around 12:00 sometimes 1:30, and then saturdays too. He is SOOO ready to be done with this house, but its looking awesome. Pictures to come soon!

Here are some random pics that I have from the past few months from other peoples cameras or blogs because again, we haven't had ours for six months.

Me and Averi at Christmas time, we had a superfun girls night with Joeli and Dawn, and now she has moved away from me all the way to AZ....miss you Aves, get a nice tan for me.

Arch's sister Jenna got married in January so we went to her wedding in Denver and had a great time here are some pics from the event.

Zaylie and Sassy

Why won't kids ever look at the camera?

Me and my BFF

Oh Yeah I had a bit of a mid 20's crisis and looking exactly the same as I have since I was 16 so I went blonde. I'm not totally sure how I feel about it yet, I like the change, but I'm not sure if I like it enough to keep it up. The other day some Mexican guy was walking by me and started saying something to me in spanish. I just smiled and walked on (that happens to me a lot, people think I'm Mexican and just start talking to me in joke) Anyway I called Arch and asked him what he said to me, and Arch started laughing and said, "He told you to stop dying your hair" Nice huh.

At the Denver temple

Arch and Bren

Zaylie and Brennen Beat Boxing, this is the funniest thing to watch, Zaylie busts out dance moves and puts her hands up to her mouth while Brennen makes the noises. Dang cute.