Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Thats right folks, this weekend we are heading down to the sunny state of California to get out of the snow and go to a supercross race in Anaheim. This race is going to be so cool because all of the old school riders like Jeremy McGrath, Jeff Staton, Rick Johnson and Jeff Ward will be there riding all their old school bikes from when they used to race. Of course all the new guys will be there too, like Ricky Carmichael(spelling), Bubba Stewart, Kevin Windham, and Ivan Tedesco. They are going to have a race where they ride the older two strokes...its going to be awesome to hear some sweet two stroke pipe. We also get to go down to the pits and see all the factory bikes and riders. There are going to be a lot of crazy mullet wearin, booty showin, redneck cream of the crop. This is where they all come out of the wood work; good stuff.

We've got Sunday to play around so we're thinking about California Adventure or Disney Land or something of that nature so if you know of anything really fun to do do down there let us know by friday! We're leaving the baby behind with the Grandparents so we get to have a fun little vacation by ourselves, well and with Arch's boss and his wife, and another riding buddy of theirs and his wife, but still- no babies! YAY! (Sorry to all you Roberts', three exclamation marks in one paragraph, I'm just not a good enough writer to get the excitement across with out them)

We'll take pictures of the event and post them when we get back. Till then...