Monday, August 16, 2010

35 Weeks

35 Weeks

-Baby has started dropping so now I really waddle when I walk

-starting to freak out that we don't have a name

-total weight gain 45 lbs...awesome.

-Measuring at 37 weeks

-Dilated to a 1 and 70% efaced

-contractions all day long... sometimes they will be 2-3 minutes apart for a couple of hours and then stop. Seriously, what is the point!

-still waking up every two hours to pee and put nasal spray in my nose.

-Arch can no longer sleep in the same bed as my snoring is no longer bearable with ear plugs. Apparently its so bad he can feel it through the bed.

-Favorite comment of the week: "Wow I have a friend having twins due a couple weeks after you and your bigger than her." There is a line in the movie Never Been Kissed that I think sums up my thoughts... "I have no words...and I always have words!"