Tuesday, July 27, 2010

33 Weeks

Just a pic of my little family at Mr. Pizza (Where the whole family got stuffed for only 5 dollars...including refillable drinks! Now thats a bargain!)

For those of you who don't know I'm pregnant, I never really made an official announcement or anything so if you didn't know don't feel bad or feel like we aren't friends...if you haven't noticed from the absence of my blog posts I have sort of kept to myself this past year. But I'm ready to join the blogging world again so here it goes.

Im one of those really fortunate people who start showing aout 6 days after they conceive a child...people try and make me feel better by saying well your just so darn small you have no where for it go...but really thats just a bunch of crap because I know people who are just as small as me and don't show til 20 weeks. So whatever. So of course when I start showing people just assume I'm 4 months along when the normal person starts to show, but really im 7 weeks along. My due date is september 17th, Since about March I have had people asking me if I'm due in June based on my size...then June came and went and now I get some of the sweetest comments I've seriously thought about writing a book. Now when I say "sweetest" I don't mean like "oh thats so sweet of you thank you" I mean "you have some serious cajones to say that outloud to a pregant person" What is it about a pregnant belly that says, "Please tell me exactly what you think about my size and say it in the rudest way possible because its not going to hurt my feelings."

Anyway, I thought I would post a few of my favorites...

  • -Oh my gosh you look like your about to explode....no seriously you seriously look like your about to explode.

  • - My wife just had her baby and she didn't even get close to as big as you are.

  • -Insulter#1 : Due any minute?

Me: No, I have two months and a half months left.

Insulter- Are you serious...how are you even going to carry that around!?!

Me:.......uh not sure.
  • - Insulter #2-Oh you poor thing you look so uncomfortable, at least your almost done right?

Me: Oh I wish, but i still have 3 months left.

Insulter: Oh twins?

Me thinking: you seriously think I could be due any day with twins and I still have three months left...awesome.

  • Insulter #3:Oh it looks like he has really dropped, at least your almost done, that looks really uncomfortable.

Me: Well I still have two and a half months left, he just sits really low.

Insulter #3: Oh wow, I bet your gonna have to go on bed rest pretty soon, there is no way your going to be able to get any bigger with him that low.

Me: Seriously...did you go to medical school? (of course I didn't say that because I have tact and dignity and wouldn't want to hurt their feelings unlike the insulter that thinks I want to hear crap like that)

The funny thing is I don't think I'm this huge giant, I just am all belly and its all up front so it looks like I'm huge...however I guess I am bigger than normal because I have yet to see a pregnant person due the same time I am or even before me that I am smaller than, or even the same size as. So maybe I am huge.

For journaling purposes these are some of my pregnany symptoms:

33 Weeks

-My saliva gives me heart burn. Not just food, not just chocolate, anything and everything and its 24/7. I finally got on a prescription that works wonders but I just ran out of it...doctor appointment tomorrow halleluia! Bring on the pills.

-Weight gain, 40 lbs. Awesome--so all you pregnant ladies out there that say how fat you feel and you have gained like 18 lbs and say how fat you feel, I just don't feel bad for you, sorry. *Side note here, the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy I didn't eat any sugar or white flour, white breads, white rice...nothing, I worked out 4 times a week and ran around like a crazy person for 7 hours a day chasing autisic kids so I was super duper active for the main reason that I didn't want to gain weight like I did with zaylie, and I still gained 25 lbs, so I finally said screw it bring on the sugar.

-My hands feet and face have started to swell. The cankles aren't so bad, the man hands are a bit embarrasing, but the face fat is the worst, its what makes me look like I have gained 40 lbs.

-Fortunately I was small enough to begin with, so when I gain 40 lbs I still look like a fairly small person so its hard to tell I've gained 40 lbs... until I try on pants. Then its a bit depressing.

-I like foods I normally hate and want to eat at restaurants that I normally don't want to, and places I usually love I never want to go to. I normally hate pineapple, but I love it right now, the thought of eating a hamburger normally makes me want to puke, but I've eaten like 54 hamburgers this pregnancy. My favorite fast food is Panda Express, Idaho Falls finally got one and I never want to go, but I always want to go to Taco Bell.

-I'm starting to get really really tired an have no energy.

-I go pee literally every 30 minutes to an hour, and because he sits so low every step I take I feel like I won't make it in time to the bathroom, it really gets old. At night I get a break though and go every 2-3 hours. :)

-He is quite the mover, he makes such sharp movements that make me jump and actually hurt me. This gives us hope he will be a football player.

-He likes to stretch out and rub into my hip bones and shove his feet under my ribs at the same time.