Monday, October 27, 2008

Where the mother crap have I been?

Warning. Warning. Warning. This blog contains no pictures, camera charger missing. Does contain much rambling in order to catch up the last four months.

Yes, where the mother crap have I been you might wonder...well I have been avoiding/dreading blogging the past few...months mainly because I feel like I should do some major catch up post starting back in June (and the idea of it makes me want to vomit in a bucket and
I hate to vomit). Yes freakin June, how the flip am I supposed to do that when we have been going non stop since June, way to much to tell. But today I'm home with a sick child, with no where to go because Arch took the Jeep to work today because his truck has a flat so dangit I'm going to blog.

Basically since the middle of June we have been gone traveling every weekend till the second week of September. I went to st. George leaving Arch with Zaylie for 5 days to go with my sister in law Cassie to help her mom with weddings (she's an amazing wedding planner) and it was freakin awesome to be baby free for five whole days. We went to Salt Lake to spend Independence Day with Arch's brothers, the next weekend we went to to Seattle Washington, and Camano Island for Arch's brother Sam's wedding, then it was off to Rachell and Tims wedding in Montana and then to Wyoming for her reception. That next weekend I went to Provo for a semi roommate reunion, it was only Katie, Lindsay and I but it was fantabulous! It was just like the old days as if five years had never passed. We talked about all the boys we used to date and had crushes on, all the funny roommate stories, and facebooked people all night long. As Nacho would put it, "it was de best."

Then the next weekend it was off to Rock Springs Wyoming to meet up with Arch's parents to drop Zaylie off so they could watch her in CO while Arch and I went to Rocky Point Mexico for my family Reunion. (that will most likely be a whole extra post itself, coming to my blog on a later date.) After Mexico some of us went to Las Vegas for a couple of days, we got to stay in a pent house suite at the top of Caesar's palace. We checked in with my grandparents and it happened to be their 50th wedding anniversary so the lady worked her magic and got us both penthouse suites. Awesome. After ten days of playing we met up with Arch's mom in SLC so we could become parents again. The next weekend we stayed home. Angels singing.

The weekend after that Arch's parents came to visit, they helped Arch put up a fence, while I hosted a neighborhood garage sale in our garage. As Arch's parents were about to leave they asked us if they could take Zaylie again until we came to CO for Sam's open house in 11 days. Well how can you say no to that, we had just begun to build our house (and I am the builder, that's right we didn't hire a builder, its me, and wow that is another blog post as well) so 11 days with out Zaylie would be the bomb digitiy to get things done. So with Zaylie gone we were free to help Zach and Keri move to Boise. The boys were beasts but it was so fun to help them move and see their new place. We even made the guys put up all of the pictures and decorate before we left, they loved every minute of it. :)

That next weekend we were off to Colorado for Sam and Amber's open house, it was a lot of fun to be with a bunch of family again, the wedding was great and it was so good to see our little munchkin again. Since then we have been super busy with our house, learning a lot of big lessons, and a few small lessons too. The framing, trusses, sheeting, and plumbing are all done, electrical, mechanical and the roof goes on this week. Oh yeah duh, we moved! We found some renters for our house, and moved into my grandparents house who are snow birds and head to California for the winter, so it worked out perfectly. Except that the weekend we chose to move I came down with the flu, fever chills, sore throat, throwing up, basically the works; I was totally out of commission so Arch and anyone else who could, packed up my house. So I have no idea where ANYTHING is and its driving me crazy. And of course Arch's comment to that is, "how convenient" right as if me the control and clean freak of the century wants ameuters cleaning and organizing my things. I think the idea of it made my flu even worse.

Thats All folks.