Monday, July 21, 2008

Good freak

I know, I know I've been MIA for way too long, and sorry to disappoint but I don't have some monster "catch up" post, however I thought I'd give you a little somethin'. This is Zaylie in April, nothing has changed much since these pictures were taken (except she's much slimmer), but she still LOVES to play with daddy's tools and help him work. She's totally a daddys girl and 99.5 %(see below to read about the other 0.05%) tom-boy, she loves to play in dirt, she rubs it all over her body and on her face, she eats rocks, and actually has a mullet, so if I don't put up her hair, she actually looks like a little boy. But hey at least she looks like a dang cute little boy!

Here is the proof of that 0.05% thats left of her genetic makeup that she might be some day and in some way "girly"

Zaylie also LOVES to put on my make up, she now can reach into my make up drawer and pull out whatever her little heart desires and just goes to down on her face, most of it ends up in her ear, which i'm not sure why she thinks it goes there, but hey at least she's showing some sign of knowing her gender!

Here she is putting it in her ear

yes thats her eating the make up

Here is a more recent picture of Zaylie with her Aunt Cassie, and yes she's blonde, she's been blonde for a long time now, yes she came out with black hair it all fell out and grew in blonde, yes archie and I both have blonde siblings and Arch's hair was lighter as a baby, oh and yes she's Arch's, I mean seriously folks look at her face... is there any question...really. Can you tell I get asked this barage of questions about 7 times a day?