Friday, July 17, 2009

Zay's emotional roller coaster

Here are some pictures of Zaylie and her many facial expressions and emotions...and some are neither but just cute :)

She loves to help daddy with his expression

This is her cheese face

When Zaylie gets her feelings hurt or things don't go her way, she doesn't throw a fit but she stands still puts her chin down and starts pouting and sadly sniffing like the worst thing in the world has just happened to her. Its pretty funny, so here I am just trying to cheer her up by giving her a kiss.
I think this is getting ready to jump...maybe

I don't even know what this emotion is...mad? annoyed? or just a plain dirty look?

Zaylie wearing my hat

Bonked her elbow and a bit pist about it

Pouting is sometimes so hard not to laugh when she does stuff like this.

Just being crazy

And again with the dirty looks, i have like a bajillion pictures of this face...if you haven't figured it out yet, she is a bit dramatic.

This is the only picture of her where I think she sort of looks like me and not a mini Arch.


Kylie said...

Whatever, the pic of both of you smiling, she looks like your mini-twin! Totally same expressions. I am so glad to see all the Zaylie pics, I was beginning to wonder if you have shipped her off to live with grandparents forever! haha

Tiffany said...

she's so darn cute! hey, i'm in IF this week- babysitting tori and dave's kids. we should get together!

Bobbi Lee said...

I love her faces - she is darling no matter what her mood!

Anonymous said...

You are so silly ~ you don't see you in this adorable little face. Yes she does look like Arch, but tons like you too! - Shelly

The Lopez Family Blog said...

She's so cute and definately looks a lot like you! I love her smile shirt,Reagan has the same one:)

Cassie said...

Yeah, lots of Zay pictures! Only 7 more weeks until we are home!

Michelle Thompson said...

She is such a cutie! It doesn't matter what face she makes. She looks so innocent!

Averi said...

Um. yea. I freaking heart Zaylie. She is adorable and she looks tons like you. She is rockin that little personality of hers, and I love it!

B: it scares me a smidge on just how big she is getting. WHAT? Sheesh. Tell her to stop growing!

And 4: Let's get real here. You are friggin SLAMMIN Shanty. I want to look like you one day. YES. I. DO. Maybe then I can find me a beautiful and brilliant man to sweep me off my feet!

Oh, and I miss you. It saddens me that we don't ever see each other anymore!

Zach, Keri, and Saylor said...

Oh my gosh she is so stinkin cute. I love all the faces.

Lake said...

Yes, Archie has some strong genes, but I thinks she looks just like you when she smiles.

jsmbbaker said...

Wow some of those pictures look so much like Ansleigh it's not even funny... must be an Ames thing!

Mauri said...

I think she looks a lot like both of you. What a stinkin cute little drama queen :) All girl! I'm happy you posted pictures! Hope the new house is going well.

Gallant Family said...

I love that picture of Zay in your hat with her little pea coat. Super cute. Gotta love those pouty faces.

McArthurs said...

Man, she's a babe!!! She's so freakin cute Shantay....and looks so old. That one of her in your hat is so stinkin cute. I love it.