Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Good Times

Well we've got quite a bit to catch up on, so I'm going going to go from about april to the beginning of may... these are some pictures of birthdays and family gatherings and of course our cute little love bug!

Zaylie- I have decided is the best baby. She isn't really the best napper, but she is such a happy baby and the best night time sleeper. Ever since she was about 5 weeks old, she has been sleeping the amount of hours that she is weeks old. Does that make sense... so when she was 5 weeks old she slept 5 hours a night, 6 weeks, 6 hours a night, well when she got to 11 weeks old she started sleeping 11-12 hours a night, and has ever since. I just love my little girl, we have so much fun together, and I'm a much happier person because I get my sleep! and I really think I owe it to the book baby wise, it was a pain in the butt to stick to for the first 7 weeks, and there were times i wanted to throw it in the shredder (if we had one, i guess i could use zach and keri's) but it finally clicked and has been pure bliss ever since. Props to you Zay!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Loud Laughter--- "Am I a Creep?"

So as I was looking around a friend of a friends blog, I came across this post which I am going to share with you because I just can't help myself. As I was reading it I couldn't help but laugh because I was doing exactly what she was talking about, and then when i saw she had 17 comments, i thought I would take a look and what I found was absolutly hilarious. So to all you fellow bloggers who can relate, I ask this question... are you a lurker?

So here is the post I came across and a few of my favorite comments! Its titled... AM I A CREEP? ENJOY!

Am I a Creep?

"I may or may not be a creepy person. I am relying on your comments to determine if I am. I love visiting other people's blogs. It usually starts by reading over a close friend's or family member's blog, but soon I am discovering little gems: links that lead to other blogs. I visit some of these blogs regularly. It's really a strange thing because I know so many little details of a complete stranger's life, even to the point of having some of them appear in my dreams, and yet they know NOTHING about me. And even still, part of me feels like a "bad friend" for referring to these people as a "stranger". It feels so creepy...and yet I feel like I'd be losing a friend if I stopped lurking around their blog.

It got me I have any lurkers? I won't flatter myself and assume that anyone has thought twice about my life or my latest date to an Inidan restaraunt. But I am fascinated by the most simple details of others' lives through their blogs. I want to know about their latest craft project or their child's latest obsession or why they're having a hard day or the nice thing that their next door neighbor did for them. Somehow, it helps me appreciate the little things in life a little more. So, thanks. If you are a lurker, chances are that I visit your blog daily and have learned so much about life from you. So, please, whether you are my best friend from 2nd grade or we've never met...let me know if you're lurking."

Comments Below:

Shelly Brown said...
You are so not a creep! I have read your blog a couple of times...linked from Tiffany Dansie's blog I think. Then you left a comment on my sister's blog (Ashley @ Joy) and I clicked on your name and I thought to myself, hey, I've read this girl's blog before! I love reading blogs too! It is so fun to "lurk." haha! (and totally not creepy!)

ashley hollis said...
It's not creepy at all. At least that's what we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better about it right?!?! ha ha!!! I'm so glad that you delurked so we could come out of hiding.

Marlo said...
well candra...i feel like we are on a first name basis since i read your blog, but I don't even know you. I read Chenae's blog and then found I guess I am creepy too!! I always tell my husband about "random" blogs I read and I'm sure that he thinks I am crazy, but lurking is better than TV.

Spencer Family said...
Hey Candra,
I'm Luke Spencer's wife--remember him? We are both good friends of Tiffany and I've met you once or twice and a couple of your sisters. I am totally a lurker too!

Alli and Makay said...
Hey, this is Alli--Lacey's sister. I thought about leaving a comment everytime I was in lurking action just out of sheer respect of your privacy; however, I never did. So here it is: I lurk. I am a lurker. The real question is: who doesn't lurk?

DJ & Candra Probert said...
Thanks, everyone! I love all the comments...and love knowing that I'm not the only "creep" out there! Thanks for lurking! I don't feel so alone anymore!

love, Candra

Friday, May 11, 2007

A wonderful life

Here is a slide show of some of Zaylie's latest pictures! Zaylie is really just the sweetest little baby. She brings so much light and joy into our family, we are truly blessed to have such a beautiful happy little girl.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Zaylie's shades!

Isn't she the cutest baby girl you've ever seen!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Oh the many faces!!

So our camera has a pretty long delay from when you push the button to when it actually takes it. Hence...the many faces of Zaylie!