Monday, March 2, 2009

Well Zaylie had her second birthday on February 17th, so I want to document a little of it for my own records, since I haven't touched a piece of scrapbook paper since before I was pregnant with her. We were able to take a night off from working on the house to have a birthday party with family, and it was a blast. Zaylie and Brennen worked on their beat box routines, she got a new guitair that plays little songs, and Zaylie made Brennen push the buttons for her all night long. She also got a power four wheeler, that she totally loves, but in order for it to move you have to push a button by the handle bars, just like a real four wheeler. However she doesn't understand how to hold it down for a long period of time, so she'll push it, let go, push it, let go, push it etc. Its dang funny. Its just so crazy how different she is from her last birthday, when she turned one she was eating in her high chair not quite sure how to handle eating the cake, and this year she is sitting at her table like a big girl taking bites with her fork talking in sentences. Crazy. Oh and she was dang fat and had the roundest face last year, and this year she's super skinny.

Zaylie last year.

This year I made her a monkey cake, because she loves the "silly monkeys" as she would say in Jungle Book and Madagascar. It was a big hit, she loved it and still asks for her monkey birthday cake.

Okay so a few things Zaylie can do at this point in her life:

~Zaylie can count to thirteen and then starts saying other numbers it goes like this its pretty cute.

~Zaylie can sing her abc's however when she gets to the LMNOP part she says L M N 2 P. No idea why.

~She knows all of her colors, she sometimes gets yellow and purple mixed up, but hey thats okay at least she knows red, blue, green, black, brown, pink and white :)

~She is talking in 2-4 word sentences

~One of my favorite things she says is "Oh my goodness sakes" Sama and Papa Ames taught her that and its freakin hilarious. (Zaylie came up with Sama, we don't know why because she can say grandma, she just calls her Sama)

~Zaylie LOVES to pretend and play in her play kitchen, she will first wash her hands, use her fake soap, then put some water in a pan and put it in her play microwave and tell me to be careful its hot. Her specialties to serve are corn on the cob in her play collander, and eggs on a plate. She pretends to eat it and makes the noises and everything. Its crazy the things she does with pretending because I swear I don't teach her that, maybe she is just more observant than I realize.

~Zaylie is obsessed with the Jungle Book. I brought a bunch of my parents old vhs tapes home and put in Jungle book one day and now we watch it every day, and if she isn't watching it its usually on in the back ground. She knows so many lines in that movie, and will say them at the same time the character does on the movie. Some of her other favorites are Madagascar, 101 Dalmations, and Peter Pan.

~Zaylie is in the 75th percentile for height and 25th percentile for weight. She's a stick but has such a huge belly she looks like one of those ethiopian kids. So clothes are a bummer, they are either to short, or to big around.

Zaylie got new stick on earrings and glasses and she had to see what they looked like.


Bobbi Lee said...

Too cute! Your monkey cake turned out awesome! She's such a doll, I really enjoy getting to have her around during the week:)

Kristin said...

Happy bday Zaylie!!! She's so cute and the cake turned out adorable:)

Clayton & Charish Hubbard said...

I can't believe she is that big!!!! and the cake... very impressive!!!!

Zach, Keri, and Saylor said...

Cute Cute Cute. I wish we could have been there. I am sad we aren't around to see her doing all of these things. She is getting so big. YOur cake turned out so dang cute by the way. I loved it. I can't wait to see her and Brennen doing the the whole beat box thing, hopefully it will be next weekend :)

Averi said...

Damn near cried at this post! Why does time go so fast? She is getting so big, and I haven't seen her in forever, or YOU! Freak. You look amazing, as ALWAYS. I am so jealous. I miss talking to you, I need to call you sometime soon. I am just trying to feel normal here, which hasn't happened yet. I have had like 8 interviews and nothing really good has come along yet. I will be on the streets soon if I don't get a job. Anyway, I miss you like crazy shanty. I hope I will get to come visit soon, or feel free to come lay out at the pool here. Its in the 80s this week, and we have a spare bedroom. Call me sometime. Little Zaylie is so cute... and if you are pregnant again and haven't told me you are in so much trouble. Miss you :( love aves

jsmbbaker said...

She's so flippin' cute! You need to come visit me!

Kylie said...

OMG she is so BIG! What a fun little party, and THANK YOU FOR FINALLY POSTING PICTURES OF YOUR CHILD!!! I was beginning to wonder if she still existed! I miss you like chocolate lasagna!

Mauri said...

I love the Monkey cake. i cannot believe how BIG she is now!! Still sooo cute!! I hope to see you guys one of these days!

Dansie Family said...

she is so cute shantay! you look like such a proud mom in this post- i love it. such cute pictures!

the fellers said...

wow, she is getting so big! And she is so smart!