Thursday, January 27, 2011

Playing Catch up Part 1--September

September-- In no particular order because I'm lazy.

Welcome home party from the hospital.

Zaylie holding Titan for the first time

Getting more ok with the idea of holding him :)

First day of church

Zaylie's first day of Preschool! She was so excited!

Zaylie and Titan on their pillow pets.

Dr. Zaylie helping her patient daddy.

First bath, he actually loved the bath, this is him mad we are taking him out. Funny its the only picture of his first bath we got.

Father and son.


Tiffany said...

ummm. shantay. you SERIOUSLY need to have like two dozen children! they are beautiful! i can't believe how big and grown up zaylie is! she is gorgeous! and i still can't believe she is blonde! and little titan is darling!!! hope you are doing well!!!!

Clayton & Charish Hubbard said...

YEAH for updates!! I love the pictures! Your children are adorable!!

Corrina Baker said...

i love the one of archie in the girlie bed. it's great what little girls can make their daddies do.......and then what mommy posts on the internet for the world to see.

Michelle Thompson said...

Love the pictures! What a cute family!

Ashley said...

Yay! I'm glad I found your blog. Your kids are so stinkin cute!

Lindsay Coudron said...

okay I'm ready for more pictures!!!! miss you!