Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Four more weeks!

Well folks I'm in my last month of my pregnancy, but it appears that people think i should be due any day now. I'm really amazed how blunt people are with their comments. My favorite is, "Wow your huge!! Are you due any day now?" OR how about "You haven't had your baby yet, it seems like you've been pregnant for a year now!" OR "I could have sworn you'd have your baby by now, you still have four weeks left...where is your belly going to grow, your already huge!"

Yes-- I get those (the few times i go out into public) with out fail multiple times a day--from strangers! I don't really let it bother me, it really just gives me something to giggle about. But isn't it just so funny how people seem to forget all about manners and feelings around a pregnant person, like its totally okay to just say whatever they heck they think with out any regards for that pregnant lady's feelings... when in reality a pregnant lady is in the most vulnerable and emotional state of mind that a person could ever be in their life! Good times. I have had a complete stranger standing in the sizzler line ask me, "What are you having.... a girl oh thats nice... are you going natural or having an epidural... well i had my two kids natural and let me tell you having a child natural is way less painful than having someone stick some huge needle in your back so you better rethink what your doing." She was a very large lady, and Arch, of course couldn't help himself said..."she probably could have had you natural and not felt a thing, it would be just like taking a big dump." But really like its any of her business... and what did she think i would say... your right, i'll go natural now that you said i should. CRAZY!!! There are some crazy people in this world!

So my time comes to a close...well it seems like this next four weeks will feel longer than the whole 9 months i've been pregnant.... but even so, as it comes to a close, I'm getting so anxious and excited to see what Arch and I have created, to see what she looks like, to see if her movements and her personality that we have come to know in my belly will be the same when she's out in the world. I'm getting more and more nervous to be a parent way more than I am about the whole labor and giving birth part, which up until a few weeks ago was the other way around. Its just weird to think that one day in about four weeks I will be responsible for a child, a whole life, a small 7 pound little body and I have to just know what to do with it! No classes, no training... nothing... just heres your baby--- good luck! Wow isn't that a scary thought!

Scary or not, we're so excited and ready for her to come greet us, lets just hope its sooner than later... for the sake of my body, and for the sake of Arch's sanity... it would appear that I'm not much of myself these days! hee hee!