Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My belly progression!

Okay i thought i would put up some pictures of the whole process of my pregnancy, I don't have very great pictures... we have just been awful about taking them! So anyway, these are just some pictures through out the last 8 months!!
My pregnancy has been fairly easy, well the first four months were awful, i was in bed all day everyday, and then the next three months were awesome, i had energy, i went substituting almost everyday, and then every since i hit 10 weeks left, i have been in a lot of pain.... lots and lots of back pain, oh and heartburn, oh and i have to pee every 30 minutes, no joke, oh and I can't pick up my legs very well anymore, but other than that its been great! I really do enjoy being pregnant, its been so fun to see her move around in my belly. She has just started making these ginormous movements, that move my entire belly, sometimes it looks like she is going to split open my skin and come right out! Its crazy to see body parts poke out, like elbows or heels, or her little bum... i just can't wait till she comes out so i can see what all those little parts look like!
We are getting a new camera soon, its supposed to be coming in the mail any day now... so hopefully that will motivate me to take more pictures. We just finished painting and decorating our house, so once that camera gets here I'll take a ton and show you all the work we've been doing! I just love my house now!


Donna Mae said...

Shantay you blog was great, the Haloween picture was cute. Pictures of you are great, keep them coming. Hope this reaches you. Grandma

Ms. Roberts said...

Shantay...I love you! You are so cute and i want to see your baby!!!...but i'm not gonna lie...the fact that you have to pee every 30 minutes and all of the pain makes me not so excited to get pregnant, however fall in the future that is...anyway, I hope everything is going great for you!

Dansie Family said...

You've been tagged. Read my blog from today to see what you have to do!