Saturday, February 24, 2007

Baby Zaylie is here!

Okay everyone we are so very sorry for not updating you all sooner! Its been a crazy week, but we are all doing well and have been blessed with a beautiful and perfect baby girl, who is so precious we just can't get enough of her! Our little girl was born on February 17th, at 7:23 pm, she weighed 6 pounds 13 oz. and was 19 3/4 inches long. Even though Arch wasn't to keen on the name we decided on the name Zaylie Jaide, which fits her so perfect that now even arch thinks she couldn't be anything but Zaylie.

Well the day started off at about 5 am with contractions 3-4 minutes apart, and by 7:00 that morning they were finally starting to be a little painful and were 2-3 minutes apart. So even though i wasn't in too much pain we decided it would be best to go to the hospital and be sent home for false labor then to have a baby in our living room because we weren't sure if I was labor or not! So when we got to the hospital they hooked me up to all the monitors and found out i was definitly in labor...and would probably have the baby by the afternoon. But the best part was I could barely feel any of my contractions even the really intense ones, sure they were uncomfortable but honestly i thought my contractions were decreasing in intensity and would be sent home, when it was the complete opposite. They said I must be one of those people who can't really feel their contractions. Sweet huh! I was even given pitosin which is supposed to make your contractions worse and i still could barely feel anything. So after a couple hours of being uncomfortable they asked if i wanted an epidural... i thought heck, why not just incase!

So my labor was a piece of cake, and its a good thing it was or i would have been super upset about how it all turned out. So here is how it went down..., after i got my epidural they gave me a ton of pitosin to speed things up but from 12:00 to 6:00 i hadn't progressed at all, so they broke my water to help get things moving. An hour later I was finally dilated to an 8, so I thought I was on my way ...when a random nurse who was just coming to check on me because my nurse was busy, asked if they had broken my water yet, because she could feel another sack in my belly that hadn't been broken. Yeah what the heck is that supposed to mean? So I started getting all nervous that I was having twins or something, when she said, well actually I think im feeling buttcheeks. So she went to get my nurse, who checked and was like well i guess that could be butt cheeks, so they went and got my doctor, who said, wow that just might be buttcheeks, and then they went and got a midwife, who felt my belly and said yup that baby is definitly breech. So they finally got an ultra sound machine to confirm and yes, the entire pregnancy, the entire time i was in labor, they thought they were feeling a head, but were really feeling buttcheeks! Can you believe that! with all the advanced technology in this world you would think that they would catch that before i went through 15 hours of labor.... but nooooooooooooooooooooo. So i got a double dose of my epidural and went in to the O.R.

This is right after they took her out of me and wiped her off. I'm being sewn up at this point so i haven't even seen what she looks like yet.

Arch was finally able to bring her over to me so i could see what she looked like. It was the most amazing thing in the world to see her for the first time, I can't even describe how surreal it was. She didn't make a sound for about 2 hours after being born, she just would blink her eyes and look around at everything.

Here is a picture of Arch holding her right after my surgery, she is sticking her tongue out at him! I have so many more pictures that I want to post on here, i'm having such a hard time picking... i just want to post them all! But it only let me put these 5 pictures on here so just be patient and I'll just keep posting more pictures!


Dansie Family said...

Congrats Shantay! I'm so excited for you! She's adorable. Email me when you get a chance... in like 6 months!!

Lindsay said...

She is so freakin cute- and so much dark hair! We love her already.

MauriSafari said...

She is so precious. Perfect. Your hair is adorable by the way...when did you chop it off???