Sunday, February 25, 2007

This is the first time i was able to hold her... it was about 30 minutes after she was born. The medication i was on made my whole body swell up, so thats why my face looks the way it does!! I had to use all the strength i had to open my left eye.

This is what Zaylie would do all night long, she never made a sound, she would just blink and stare at everyone with that look on her face like, "I hope you know how important I am" and sometimes it would look like, "oh great, I was sent to you guys to take care of me, i doomed" her smug looks were the talk of the night, even the nurses couldn't get enough of it.

This doesn't even look like her anymore, she has changed so much in a week its crazy. She gets prettier every day.


Brennen & Cassie said...

Yeah! We are so glad she is finally here! We have to come see her soon. If she is changing everyday she will probably look so different than last week! We love you guys!

Paula said...

Arch and Shantay,

Congrats! I have been checking all week to see pictures. She is adorable and what an experience. I am happy to hear you are recovering well and getting to know your new, wonderful baby. Congrats!

Lindsay said...

Hey Guys,
We love you so much and are so happy that you have a happy and healthy little girl! Starting a family is such an amazing experience and we are so excited to be in the same boat together. We hope that you are recovering well Shantay, and that all is going smoothly. I hope to talk soon! Love always- Nathan and Linds

jsmbbaker said...

She is so beautiful you guys! We were so glad that we got to visit and see her with our own eyes, and everyone is so jealous of us! And Shan- sorry you had to go throught the crap you did- but hey- it was worth it right?;) We love you guys!

The Baker Posse