Wednesday, March 28, 2007

30 Random Facts about our little bundle!

30 Random Things about Zaylie Jaide

1.One week ago Zaylie weighed 8 pounds 11 oz…she was a month old.
2.She hates to have her arms moved away from her body; she gets so mad when you try to put on her clothes.
3.She loves to snuggle. She will curl up her legs and nuzzle her head into your chest, we just love it.

This is only 4 days after my c-section... so don't judge me and my big belly!

4.Zaylie is lactose intolerant…just like her mommy.
5.She is a grunter! She has happy grunts and angry grunts and tired grunts…they sound like a pig snorting, so we call her our little pig snort.
6.She has a ton of hair, and it hasn’t started rubbing off yet!
7.She has her dad’s hairline…bless her heart-- not much up top, in fact in looks like she already has a reseeding hair line, but a ton in back. So needless to say she has a mullet!!!!

8.Zaylie loves to take baths!
9.She never cries after throwing up…and when I say throw up I don’t mean spit up I mean some serious projectile vomit! If I didn’t see her do it, I would have no idea that it even happened!
10.She looks soo cute in purple!

11.She wants 100% of the attention all the time…when she’s eating if I start talking to someone else, she starts crying this cute pitiful cry, and the second I stop talking she’s fine. She’s a little stinker.
12.She already holds up her bottle
13.When she hiccups she sounds like a squeaker toy
14.When you sing to her she’ll stop crying immediately.
15.She hates to be strapped into her car seat--but once shes in the car and moving, she falls right to sleep--BUT if she wakes up and realizes she's strapped in, she freaks!
16.Zaylie is super skinny; she only has one fat roll on her thighs, which might not even be a fat roll, but a place where her skin creases.

17.She sleeps with her hands up by her face, if you wrap her in a blanket with out her hands out, she will fight until she gets them out!

18.She’s now 20 ½ inches long—(she was 19 ¾inches when she was born)
19.She will grab onto and pull anything she can touch… so no more dangly earrings or necklaces for me!
20.She loves her daddy, when he feeds her at night time she doesn’t make a sound and she goes back to bed with out a fuss-- it’s a different story when mommy does it!
21.Everyone thinks she looks exactly like arch, but she looks identical to my baby pictures.
22.She has a pear shaped belly!
23.. Zaylie can sleep through anything and everything.
24.Anyone who knows arch and I, knows we’re very loud people—especially arch with his outbursts when playing halo, or his random bursts of screaming just for fun—and we were just as loud through out my pregnancy…and it seems to have paid off because sudden loud noises have no affect on Zaylie… she has yet to cry from a loud noise…and in our house they are quite frequent.
25.She doesn’t have a birthmark—however she was born with this little white thing by her eyebrow, it looks like a white head but its not, and it still hasn’t gone away! Any ideas to what it might be? If you click on the picture and look closely by her right eyebrow you can see it.

26.She loves to be held

27.She rarely cries…only when she’s super hungry, or when she’s super tired, other than that—all we get are grunts!
28.She makes the best faces when she’s sleeping, and she sleeps with her mouth open.

29.She can be very impatient; when she wants something she wants it now!
30.She is loved like you wouldn’t believe!!!


Dansie Family said...

SO DARLING! Loved this post! And I seriously love that haircut on you! It's a keeper!

Lindsay said...

Hey Shantay--I think I know what the little white thing is on her face. They told us about them in the hospital, cause Beckett had a few on his nose. They are very common with babies, but the nurses said not to pop them cause it can result in a huge crater on their face. Just so you know. Loved the post. They are so much alike!

linzcoudron said...

Shan, what a beautiful little girl. I miss you and wish that we lived closer. You look incredible also:) love ya