Monday, March 26, 2007

An update on Zaylie Jaide

I have had quite a few requests for more pictures of Zaylie, so i thought i would post a few more, but a ton of them are on my parents camera... and im working on getting a cd made of all their pictures and then ill go picture posting crazy! A friend of mine posted 25 random facts about her baby and i thought that was a pretty cute idea so im working on that as we speak... so don't you worry more of Zaylie and her cuteness is on the way! :)

This is Zaylie getting mad at daddy for trying to eat her face off!

Arch loves to tease Zaylie when she's hungry...he'll give her his finger and she'll go to town sucking, and when she finally realizes this isn't the real thing she makes a face like we just fed her a lemon... its awesome! We're hoping to get a picture of that face one day!


Dansie Family said...

SO CUTE! Again, I wish I lived closer! She's a doll!

Lindsay said...

Shantay--I need to talk to you soon. I have really great news for you, so even if you just have a second, you're really going to want to hear this. I'm excited. And you will be too. Maybe I'm going to call you right now.