Thursday, July 19, 2007

Large and in Charge!

So I think every friend I have that wasn't pregnant when I was pregnant is now pregnant. Anytime I see any of them they have this cute little belly, and i think to myself, was i really that small too when i was that far along and just felt ginormous, or was I actually the beached whale that I thought I was? These friends of mine always tell me how huge they are and how fat they feel but then i hear "Oh I'm still wearing all of my old pants" and I almost want to vomit a little in my mouth (I couldn't wear my normal pants starting at 7 weeks along, just a little side note there) So just now, I went to my pictures file on my computer to check it out, hoping to find a cute little pregnant belly like many of my friends and much to my dismay I found the complete opposite. My belly may have been "cute" (however I think people were really more amazed that such a tiny person could have such a huge belly and thats what was "cute" about it) but it definitely was not little, I actually was the beached whale that I remembered! Anytime I tell people that I gained 50 pounds and had a belly the size of a beach ball, not a single person believes that little tiny Shantay could get that big. Well folks, I've got the proof! So here's to all you who doubted me, and to all of my pregnant friends, good luck and i hope more than anything that you don't get as big as I did.

This is four months pregnant, no not 8 months pregnant, four! p.s. this is at halloween, we don't normally dress like that! Arch was a biker dude and I was his knocked up biker chick..cute huh.

5-6 months along

7 months along, this is about the time people would tell me I looked like I was due any day. But don't you worry I still had two more months to go!

This is 8 months along about 5 or 6 weeks left to go. You wonder if its humanly possible to get any bigger... keep scrolling down and it happens.

This is me two weeks before I delivered

And this is the blessed day when I got rid of my belly and gained the most precious beautiful girl in the whole world. Zaylie was born almost 3 weeks early too, can you imagine! Yikes-- i think would be an understatement.

So the moral of the story is, you may look like a beached whale for -whats really 10 months of your life, but what you get as the end result is better than anything you could have dreamed of.


Dansie Family said...

She is so cute Shantay! You were still a cute prego lady even with your 50 lb. belly!

Lindsay said...

Ok so maybe you're right. The reason that you were so cute is because you really don't expect someone as tiny as you to get a belly so big. But you looked great and you look awesome now:) Zaylie just keeps getting cuter:)

ccpcheney said...

You are a crazy person! It doesn't matter how much you gain or lose or whatever. You were way cute and that's awesome! Plus it's not great never wearing maternity... it's crappy! I promise you just always feel uncomfortable and chubbers!

Audrey and Geoffery said...

I hardly doubt that you were large and in charge as we were the EXACT same size! And don't listen to all those girls who say they're in their same pants, because let me tell you THAT'S NOT NORMAL (my friends say the same thing)!! AND you started out in a size 0 jeans so you should ask all your friends if any of them started out in a size 0. I know the answer will be NO! You were cute as a button and now you have a healthy baby girl! Hope all is well. Let me know when you want to go on a walk again!

Mauri said...

You were the cutest pregnant girl ever! Even if it was 50 lbs, you still looked dang good and cute (and still do) and now you have the cutest little girl to show for it! I don't really think you looked huge, just pregnant. I hope I can be as cute as you were pregnant!

Kristie B. said...

Hey there Shantay - this is your cousin (Kristie) :) Your pregnancy pics are so cute - and Zaylie is quite a cutie! My mom forwarded me your blog - finally - so now I can keep up with you and your family. I've been blogging with my pregnancy and now baby boy (Oliver) since February - my blog is Keep the pictures coming!!

Anonymous said...

He! He! I always look at pregnant girls and wonder if I looked that huge, and I did. I can't believe you gained 50 lbs! You look so good now, good job losing it all!

The Cady Family said...

You are hilarious,you made my day!

Dansie Family said...

okay, time to share your secrets.. how do you do the cute blog backgrounds?

The Barton Family said...

How fun to see all your preg pics like that. Isn't being pregnant fun! For the most part anyway, and definately worth the end result. You looked so cute!
We are excited for our little girl to show up (in 12 more weeks). Yeah!!!
And speaking of the Emro's... we were all in the same ward. Ron & Drew were actually roomates & Becky lived in the apartment next door to me. Kinda fun huh!