Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Journaling Update for Moi

I'm posting this mainly for my own journaling purposes, since this is my one and only form of journaling, NOT to brag about my kid or anything of that nature...seriously. :)

We decided since we were making a lot of big changes with building the house and living in my grandparents house, and then moving into the new house, that we would wait till we moved into the new house to put Zaylie in her big girl bed. So she was a little over two, I felt sort of sad as I would read all my friends blogs saying they got toddler beds for their kids birthdays, but I knew it was just out of the question with how busy we were. So anyway, I was super nervous about putting her in a big girl bed, I mean the bed we got isn't one of those little toddler beds where they are 2 inches off the ground. This is a full blown twin bed, its like as tall as her. She was all over the place in her crib I would find her in the craziest positions in the morning so "how in the hell-o" (name that movie) was she going to not fall out of a bed, not to mention her being a two year old who thinks she is in charge of the universe, i just knew she would constantly be getting out of bed.
Well night one she got out of bed 4 times, she would come out of the door (she had mastered door knobs for a few months by now) and say "good morning!" nice. Night two, she stayed in her room but got out of bed a few times. Night three she stayed in her bed but banged her feet on the wall and talked to herself for a couple of hours. Night four-fell asleep right away with no noise and no getting out, and its been like that for the past two months! She never gets out of bed, not even for naps, she just lays down and goes right to sleep. I owe it all to supernanny, I used all of her tactics and apparantly it worked. Sa-weet.
This is how Zaylie likes to get into her bed, and then likes to slide down the matress at the bottom of the bed. She's obsessed with sliding down anything that could somehow be a slide.

Next item of business: Easter

It was a pretty quiet weekend, we went to my parents house for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. We always do two hunts, one for Zaylie, and one for the rest of us. Yes I am an avid easter egg hunter, I resort to 8 years old shoving my brother out of the way to get an egg we both spotted. However this time my brother hid them and I was shoving Arch out of the way to get an egg. Good times. Anyway I didn't win this year, Malarie did. boo. But I did beat Arch, of course. hee hee don't worry, I can talk smack like this because Arch doesn't read our blog, I don't even think he knows the address for it.

Zaylie loved finding the eggs, my mom put candy in the eggs, and everytime she found one she would shake it and put it in her basket. One egg didn't happen to have anything in it and when she found it she shook it, and got a crusty look on her face and said, "oh, no good" and threw it behind her. Here is the crusty look.

Zaylie has been loving our Easter baskets for hats, she always asks me to wear one to, so often we are just hanging around the house in our Easter hats.

Here are just a couple of cute pics of the Zaydster.


Zach, Keri, and Saylor said...

Talk about stinkin cute. Those last two pictures of her are so adorable. I love her hair. Plus I love the crusty face story and the bed. That good morning thing was hilarious and I have told a whole bunch of people that story cuz it cracks me up so much.

Averi said...

Seriously almost shed a tear for how cute she is, and not too mention how big she is. It just creeps me the crap out how fast time goes. She is going to be a gorgeous little heart breaker, just like her mommy. Can't wait to see you!

Kylie said...

Woot woot! An update! Shantay, she totalllllly looks like you in the pic with the pink easter basket hat! Like spittin image! Glad things went smoothly with the big girl bed, I'll have ot get your tips when the time comes. I miss having you around for development and parenting technique advice.

Her curly hair is adorable!

Cassie said...

Ok, I hate this! Even in just a month she looks so different, and so much bigger! I can't believe it!

Gallant Family said...

When did her hair get that long to do those gorgeous curls?!? I guess I haven't seen her in a while. CRAZY!

Mauri said...

Can Zaylie be ANY CUTER? Seriously. I can't believe how big she is getting! Her hair is so long! I love her bed & glad she stays in it now :)

Anonymous said...

such cute pictures of Zaylie with her hair curled.