Friday, May 8, 2009

Salt Lake City Supercross

Arch and I went to another Supercross this year, this time in Salt Lake. Its been five years since SLC has had the Supercross in the city, so it was nice to only have to drive 3 hours this year. During the day the weather was pretty miserable, rainy, windy, cold, basically the works. We spent the entire day walking through the pits in the crappy weather, looking at all the muddy bikes from the practice races, getting free stuff like tie down straps and chair cushions, and watching them practice on the track. Its still was a total blast even with the weather. Here are some picture of the practice races, you can basically sit anywhere to watch them practice so we got pretty close to take some sweet pics. This is Chad Reed, who is the

Just a sweet move

Kevin Windham jumping a triple...he ended up getting fourth in the series

Arch and I in our sweet rain gear.

It was such an awesome race, even for the 250's. There are two different main races, one for the lites aka 250's and one for the 450's. The 450's is kind of the big main race that most people go to see, but this race a rider from Idaho (which is the main reason why we cheered for him) got caught up in a mess if you will at the holeshot and was like in 12th place or something, and made his way up to 2nd place and almost took 1st right by the finish line. It was dang sweet.

In the 450 race the two main riders are Chad Reed and James "Bubba" Stewart. These guys are freakin awesome riders. The entire race they were neck and neck, passing eachother for first place like every 10 seconds, it was nuts. Just to let you know how fast these guys are, third place was 30 seconds behind them the entire race. Anyway with about 7 laps to go, one of Stewarts team mates totally tried to get into Chads way, this team mate was a laped by Reed and Stewart and lapers are supposed to get out of the way for the leaders, but this guy Chisolm you could tell purposely got in his way so stewart could win (Stewart was promised a million dollar bonus if he won the race) Everyone could tell that it was done purposely, they even black flagged Chisolm which means he couldn't finish the race, and when Stewart won the entire crowd booed him. It was hilarious. Anyway now whenever someone cuts in front of us while we are driving, we call him a Chisolm. kind of fun. So the race was so much fun, but next year you can bet we will be in Vegas for the more of this crappy weather stuff.


Michelle Thompson said...

We went to Vegas two years ago this month for the supercross and I loved it. Jayson didn't care for the wild crowd and all the fights, but I would love to go again.

Mauri said...

Sounds fun minus the crappy weather. I just watched a thing like this with my bf a few weeks ago. I'm not sure where it was though. But I want to go watch in real life! I bet it's awesome. Sounds like you still had fun anyway though!