Thursday, November 20, 2008

Early Summer

The following is going to be an enormous post of all our doings this summer, I'm going to do it in seperate postings so that its easier on me, so keep scrolling down and see what we've been up to.

Zaylie's Favorite things this past summer:

She LOVES the pool~ these were taken back in June, its now November and she still points outside and says "pool all gone" in the saddest little voice. Sometimes in the middle of the night she'll wake up and the first thing she will say is "pool all gone" Maybe Idaho isn't the place for us...we only get the pool 2-3 months out of the year here :)

Yes this is Zaylie peeing :)

Wanting to be just like daddy!

The Slide:

And of course the DIRT:


Bobbi Lee said...

OMGosh I freaking love all your posts and pictures! Zaylie is darling in the little indian genie girl costume! So cute! Excited for tonight, we'll have to take pictures of the madness.

Kylie said...

Thats so funny how she talks about the pool so much! I'm so glad you're catching everyone up with all your posts. Its hard work, so hopefully you are rewarded with lots of comments. Zay is so stinkin cute, and you are totally rockin that bikini!

The Emro Family said...

YAY finaly some pictures!!! Zaylie is sooooo big now, oh my gosh! And you, little miss hottie pulling off a bikini with a baby under your belt, nice work! Please tell me your secret to a flat tummy... I'm dying here.

Landon and Dana said...

i am so jealous that you and Ashley are in the same ward and hang out! NO FAIR! Zaylie is freakin adorable and you look HOT! I will make sure to give you call if i ever head up that way.