Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sam and Ambers Wedding

Sam and Amber coming out of the temple!

One of my favorite things to do is take pictures of me and whoever I'm with while I'm holding the camera... I just think they always turn out fun. So I started out taking the pictures...and got fired from that job as you can see why. Apparantly I'm vertically challenged and height is required when taking pictures with taller peeps.

Now Arch took over the camera...the faces didn't really improve but at least you can see his forhead :)

Blue Steel (zoolander)

When Sam came home from his mission he brought Zaylie back this little Indian outfit, and we were able to squeeze her in it for their Indian themed wedding. She looked like a little genie, she was dang cute.

Zaylie and Sa-ma (thats how she says grandma)

For some reason all night she would put her hands behind her back like this.

Zaylie would always try to sneak the candy boxes on the tables, again with her hand behind her back

These pictures were taken a couple months later in Denver at Sam's wedding open house.

I don't know about any of you out there with children, but I have about 6 pictures total of me and Zaylie together even including the pictures of her birth, so when I saw I had this picture I was so happy I just had to post it.


Mauri said...

Shantay! I'm so glad you posted pictures. That last one of you & Zaylie is SO cute! We need to catch up! I'm thinking an ID visit this winter so we'll have to meet up!

Danny and Kaelynn Baird said...

I hear that one. The only pictures I have with my boys are when I'm holding the camera and they don't turn out that great. Oh, the life of a mom.

Michelle Thompson said...

What a cutie she is! I bet you guys are really enjoying her. It would be hard not to spoil her!

Paula said...

Shantay-you are looking great. I still can't' believe all you did during the summer.