Thursday, November 20, 2008

The vato stash

Let me just tell you about this magnificent vacation my grandparents took us on. My grandparents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and wanted to take everyone (their children and the grandchildren) on a vacation. Don't be too alarmed there is only 20 of us, including all the wives and husbands of my cousins, we're a small group. They decided to take us to this place near Rocky Point Mexico, they were paying for the villa and the food, we just had to pay our way down there. Umm heck yes we are going, free trip to mexico I'm there. Arch's parents had been asking us for months to take Zaylie for a week while we go on a vacation, and this seemed like the perfect time to cash in that request. We set off to Wyoming to meet them half way between idaho falls and loveland CO, made the switch and were off to SLC where we met up with my grandparents and the rest of the clan and drove to Pheonix where all of us girls went to Barnes and Noble to pick up the newly released book "Breaking Dawn" or as Arch calls it "Breaking Wind." It was a highlight of the trip thats why I mention it.

The Next morning we headed to Rocky Point. The place we stayed was about 20 minutes away from the main town Puerto Penasco, so its super secluded and they are these private villas where our back porch was literally on the beach. The only down side to these villas was they were solar powered so no A/C. So it was freakin hot. But who cares I'm living on the beach for 5 days! We had a blast playing in the ocean, which if anyone knows me I am petrified of the ocean and I actually got in and body surfed the waves. Awesome. We played cards, ate melted snacks, drank warm pop, caught fish, bones, crabs...the kind that live in the water...when the tide would go out at night, took walks along the beach, Arch did some bartering in spanish with his vato stash and got Zaylie a dang cute dress for a screamin deal. It was like the best vacation ever, our cell phones didn't work there so it was completely stress free, plus no child. Angels singing.

After 5 blissful days on the beach we drove to Las Vegas. We watched my grandpa and aunt Katy loose all their money, we are huge card players in my family, black jack, every kind of poker, hearts, cribbage, 31 everything, so it was really hard for me to not join in with them, but I held strong and only gambled my two dollars away at the penny slots. Good times. I couldn't have asked for a better vacation and a huge shout out to my inlaws who made this vacation that much better. Okay I know I'm sounding like a bad mom who doesn't really love her child, but seriously it was awesome, and I love my child to pieces, but who wants to run around after an 18 month old in 115 degree weather, trying to get her to eat, sleep, and keep her happy...not me!

This was our back porch

Arch and I trying to be romantic taking a walk on the beach at sunset

My cousin Paul

Reading Breaking Dawn, there were five of us reading it that week. The guys were getting pretty tired of it because we all wanted to read when they wanted to play in the ocean.

Arch got fried, but the next day he was pretty much mexican.

Nice huh?

We introduced the fam to Bonanza, it was a huge hit.


Mauri said...

Ah I love Mexico. Looks like you guys had a fun & relaxing time-cell phone AND baby free :) PS can I please look like you in a swimsuit after I have a baby? Ur so skinny!

Kylie said...

Oh my word, that would be amazing! How luck to have a vacay with out Zaylie. I would enjoy myself in Wichita Kansas, if I didn't have to take care of my child. But Mexico! Ditto on the above comment, you are a twig!

The Emro Family said...

Okay, can I just say you have the coolest Grandma EVER! Man what a dream. And again you and that nice tight tummy of yours. It's not only flat but CUT too. Please let me in on your secret to nice abs like that!

Cassie said...

Arch is a little RED!!!

Drew and Michelle said...

Hard to believe your a mom with a stomach like that... I mean come on where's the stretch marks. You look so awesome Shantay!