Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Roomies!!

Colonial 207 Reunion!!! Well only three of us were able to make it, Lindsay was in Utah visiting her family so Katie and I drove down to Provo to see her. We stayed in a hotel, stayed up till 3 am laughing, talking about old boyfriends, looking up old boyfriends on facebook and blogs, retold old roommate stories, it was the best. We went out to eat, shopping, went and saw Mama Mia, which was hilarious...the part in the beginning when the older women see eachother for the first time in however many years, they go all crazy and have these secret handshake type deals... we all looked at eachother and said, "oh my gosh are we going to be like that in 20 years...probably" Seriously it felt like it had only been 6 days since we had been living together instead of 6 years! It was so good to see them again, so lets keep the tradition going girls, and next time lets get the rest of the bunch to come too! YAY!


The Emro Family said...

Jealous! Next time I'm in the Utah/Idaho area I'm calling you up for a Nauvoo House reunion.